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Get the right advice and benefit from our Solutions Architect in a 60 minutes session. We protect your idea by first signing an NDA, so don't worry and go ahead book an appoinment with our expert now.


What is included in the consultation?

Here is how your 3 hours session with us will be like
  • We understand your product.
  • We plan & propose a product design & architecture.
  • You and Us will review the above proposal.
  • Already have a product? We will provide improvement recommendations
  • Discuss how to use new technology to its full potential
  • Provide price and budget options

What to expect as an output after the consultation session?

After spending 3 productive hours with our expert you will have a clear picture of how the product will be architected. Here are some key points to note

  • We have a solid product plan.
  • We agree on the cost and timeline, and have a signed contract.
  • We are ready to transform your idea into reality.

What Technologies we use ?

Our experts choose the best technology stack for you after understanding your business.

Do I need a good infrastructure for my product?

Every product requires a basic infrastructure to keep the product running all the time. The complexity of the architecture depends on the target market and the business model you have.

Can we fast track the process of development?

Definetly, once the initial stable code base and the project architecture is setup, we can fast track the development process by adding more resources to the project.

What about maintaining my product after the launch?

We provide annual maintenance service to our clients. The cost and number of maintenance hours totally depends on the project size and infrastructure.

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